The History of
the Abbey

 - Introduction
 - Building the
 - The Cyclone
 - Building the New
    St. Augustines
 - Current Restoration


Mr S. Box
was the first contractor to be approached (he actually went insolvent) and his contract price to build the Presbytery was 1064 pounds. The land for the building was purchased from Mr Hoey for 150 pounds.

After much delay because of the prevailing drought, Mr J. B. McDonald, architect, Dubbo, built the Presbytery for a total of 2215 pounds and 2 shillings. 55,000 bricks were required for its construction. 10 Shillings purchased 100 bricks.

The Hibernians and Church Committee sunk a well for water to a depth of 18ft at the rear of the presbytery equipping it with a pump and windmill to the value of 150 pound. (photo in entrance)

The Foundation Stone of the Presbytery was set by Bishop W. Haydon on 30th March 1919 and it was blessed and opened on 8th February 1920. The Foundation Stone still has pride of place on the front right side of the veranda.