The History of
the Abbey

 - Introduction
 - Building the
 - The Cyclone
 - Building the New
    St. Augustines
 - Current Restoration


"After the cyclone, earth tremors became quite frequent and continued for some months. A visiting priest from New Zealand, Father O'Neirne, a good friend of Father Hennessy, assured us that they would not harm us as the trembling and rumbling only went one way and did not reverse. The children became quite accustomed to them, but the earth shaking beneath me gave me always a very uncomfortable feeling."

After launching a Nation-wide appeal for funds for a new Church, donations poured in, even from New Zealand, despite the fact that there was a terrible drought affecting the whole of the Country.

Recycled bricks from the old Church were used on the inside walls. Mr Bill Dowton lent his horse and dray to cart local river gravel to the site.

The new St. Augustines was opened 16th July 1933 by Bishop Fox.

1955 saw Narromine and districts suffer the worst floods in its history. Floor coverings and furnishings suffered to a great extent, but there was no serious damage wrought to Church property.