The History of
the Abbey

 - Introduction
 - Building the
 - The Cyclone
 - Building the New
    St. Augustines
 - Current Restoration


The Catholic Presbytery was sold in 1985 and a newer, more modern residence was built for the Parish Priest between the Church and the Presbytery.

It was resold in 1995 to the current owners, Simon and Meg, and after 3 years of extensive renovations, where the integrity and history of the original building was maintained and restored, the Narromine Catholic Presbytery is no operating as a peaceful and elegant Bed and Breakfast, aptly named "The Abbey".

It has 5 bedrooms, known as Friar Tucks Domain, The Priars Quarters, The Monks Cell, The Abbots Refuge and The Vicars Vestibule. Historical information and the original photo of the opening day in 1919 adorn the walls.